More than 16 years of exprience, including more than 8 years of experience participating in various projects related to UI/UX, ambient intelligence, artificial intelligence and big data in contexts such as smart homes, mobile computing, e-health or industrial solutions. And 8 more years developing and designing products for iOS and Android.

I have applied my skills for developing solutions across several platforms, including Windows, Linux, MacOSX, iOS and Android. My expertise covers design, front-end, back-end, databases and networking.

I have developed software using several technologies, but I feel specially comfortable working with C++, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin and Java.



As a software engineer I have always been listening "do not design your own graphic assets, hire a designer". Well, this is probably true, but who cares. So I decided to start a journey as a self-taught designer.

Years ago I learned the basics of graphic design and tools, reading books, studing the work of other designers and practicing a lot.

Now I have the freedom for creating complete apps/webs/UIs from scratch, I have also boosted my creativity and in the mean time I have had a lot of fun. ^_^


on my own


In 2008, I felt that none of the existing comic readers covered my needs and my idea about how a comic reader should be. So I took the determination of creating YACReader under the criteria of developing a crossplatform, fast, intuitive and util app.

For me, YACReader has been, and is, a canvas for mixing my technical skills, creativity and enthusiasm in a long term project.

Today, YACReader has become one of the comic readers of reference for thousands of users over the world. And it is avaliable in three different flavors: a desktops and embedded systems version that works on Window, MacOSX and Linux, a iOS app and Android app.


I am a Windows user, I love the gestures in a macOS trackpad but hate its dock, I feel weird if a server doesn’t run any flavor of Linux. My default CVS is Git. Since I discovered cmder I can’t live without it. My editors and IDEs are: Sublime Text for general use and small Python scripts, Brackets for HTML, Vim if no GUI is available, Notepad++ for huge files, VS Code for lots of stuff, QtCreator for C++/Qt, XCode for iOS development, Android studio for Android and Intellj Idea for Java and complex Python programs. I use a 60% mechanical keyboard, actually more than one, and various type of switches ;). I prefer Illustrator over Photoshop for graphic design. I am still using Firefox. I don’t like Android much, but my phone runs it anyway and my tablet is an iPad. Virtualization is a must if you do crossplatform development. 32” and 2560x1440 is my sweat spot for a screen. I put my code snippets in GistBox. I have lots of useful things in Dropbox. I use Bitbucket and GitHub. And I can't live without some CI/CD.

other things I like to do

in no particular order

Cooking - Play Guitar/Bass/Piano/Drums - Photography - Music - Drawing - Movies - Hand lettering - Books - Video Games - TV Series - Fountain pens - Calligraphy - Nature - Traveling - Inks - Comics.


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