More than seven years of experience participating in various projects related to UI/UX, ambient intelligence, artificial intelligence and big data in contexts such as smart homes, mobile computing, e-health or industrial solutions.

I have applied my skills for developing solutions across several platforms, including Windows, Linux, MacOSX, iOS and Android. My expertise covers design, front-end, back-end, databases and networking.

I have developed software using several technologies, but I feel specially comfortable working with C++, Objective-C, Python, Java and SQL.



As a software engineer I have always been listening "do not design your own graphic assets, hire a designer". Well, this is probably true, but who cares. So I decided to start a journey as a self-taught designer.

For the last few years I have been learning the basics of graphic design and tools, reading books, studing the work of other designers and practicing a lot.

Now I have the freedom for creating complete apps/webs/UIs from scratch, I have also boosted my creativity and in the mean time I have had a lot of fun. ^_^


on my own


In 2008, I felt that none of the existing comic readers covered my needs and my idea about how a comic reader should be. So I took the determination of creating YACReader under the criteria of developing a crossplatform, fast, intuitive and util app.

For me, YACReader has been, and is, a canvas for mixing my technical skills, creativity and enthusiasm in a long term project.

Today, YACReader has become one of the comic readers of reference for thousands of users over the world. And it is avaliable for Window, MacOSX, Linux and iOS.


I am a Windows user, I love the gestures in a MacOSX trackpad but hate its dock, I feel weird if a server doesn’t run any flavor of Linux. My default CVS is Mercurial. Since I discovered cmder I can’t live without it. My editors and IDEs are: Sublime Text for general use and small Python scripts, Brackets for web front end, Vim if no GUI is available, Notepad++ for huge files, QtCreator for C++, XCode for iOS development, and Intellj Idea for Java and complex Python programs. I use a TKL mechanical keyboard, browns ;). I prefer Illustrator over Photoshop for graphic design. I am still using Firefox. I don’t like Android, my phone runs Windows Phone and my tablet is an iPad. Virtualization is a must if you do crossplatform development. 32” and 2560x1440 is my sweat spot for an screen. I put my code snippets in GistBox. Genimotion is a must for Android development. I have lots of useful things in Dropbox. I use Bitbucket and GitHub.

other things I like to do

in no particular order

Cooking - Play Guitar - Photography - Music - Drawing - Movies - Hand lettering - Books - Video Games - TV Series - Fountain pens - Urban Gardening - Calligraphy - Nature - Traveling - Inks - Comics.


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